LOCO… connecting you offline!

The trend has become to live our lives online and to interact through our smartphones, but LOCO (“Live Offline & Connect Offline”) is for those, who think that social interactions feel better in real life. LOCO is the most exciting and fastest way to meet open-minded people offline in your city.

You can swipe through a list of LOCO tables, which represent real tables, booked for the LOCO App in bars / cafés / restaurants in your city. As a user, you can create a short profile, serving as an icebreaker and you can see the profiles of those users, who have already subscribed for a table. Each table is booked for 6 people and a minimum of 3 participants is required for the table not to be canceled. A system involving a code, that the user must enter in the LOCO App, before booking the next table and which is provided once the user arrives at the table, ensures that people will show up.

To subscribe for a LOCO table, you just need to push the “Book now” button on the most interesting table and your seat is booked! Of course you can also invite your own friends to join your LOCO table by simply sending them an invite. What you cannot do in LOCO is contacting other users online, because real Loconauts prefer meeting offline at LOCO tables!

We have not yet arrived in every city. In case you think that LOCO is what is missing in your city, then tell your favorite bar / café / restaurant to contact us and soon you will be able to attend LOCO tables in your city and meet other open-minded people offline, every day.

How to locolize?

  • 1. Login Login to the LOCO app and chose a creative locolizer.

    A locolizer is an icebreaker revealing something interesting / funny / exciting about you.

  • 2. BOOK YOUR LOCO TABLE Book a seat at a LOCO table to meet other open-minded people in a local bar/café/restaurant.

    You can even invite your own friends to your LOCO table by simply sharing your LOCO table with them.

  • 3. CONNECT OFFLINE! Go to your LOCO table and discover the diversity of the social universe around you!

    Your Locolizers will be the perfect starting-points for exciting conversations.

  • 4. ENTER THE CODE Don’t forget to enter the code provided at your LOCO table into your app!

    Only after entering the code, you can continue locolizing!

  • 5. NOW, LOCOLIZE AGAIN! Thank you, you just turned your city into a friendlier place!

    You just made your city a more social place! Yes, it is as easy as that… now enjoy locolizing again!

our mission

Connecting people offline… to support them in exploring the diversity of the social universe around them and to turn our cities into friendlier places.


  • Klaudia, 29 Years

    It is very exciting to meet people with many different backgrounds, cultures and ideas at LOCO tables. LOCO provides a good balance to my daily life and it completes my social network. Meeting new people offline has never been so easy!

  • Dan, 30 Years

    On LOCO tables, I can meet new people offline, for real and immediately! While LOCO feels much more natural than online platforms, it also saves me from spending lots of time chatting online to meet new people. LOCO is exactly what I have been waiting for! Love it!

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