About Us

Hey you! Can you please stop hiding behind your smartphone and step out of that virtual world for a second? Let’s enjoy real life, let’s Live Offline & Connect Offline! In short: Let’s be LOCO!

To find out what really makes me happy in life, I needed to do a PhD in mathematics, run an Ironman, work in Finance, teach statistics at university, travel the world, live in different cities… All this, to realize that my happiness is so close: it’s all about the people I meet and their smiles, their stories, their hugs, their jokes. I also realized that it is actually not about their emojis, their photoshopped pictures or their LOLs. This is why I created this button, called LOCO, that everyone can push to meet other amazing people offline… at the next LOCO table just around the corner! This simple thing is what really makes me happy in life… and maybe this is exactly what will make you happier, too!

LOCO is connecting you offline, because real feels better than online! Download the LOCO app and locolize with me!

Daniel Kauth, Founder and CEO of LOCO tables