Loconauts – The Code?

Where to GET the Code?

The Code is only provided to you at the moment when you will attend your LOCO table. It is written on the official LOCO table booking sign on your LOCO table. Don’t forget to enter it.


Where to ENTER the Code?

Select the “Enter Code” section from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen of the LOCO App. Type in and submit the Code at the bottom of the page. Rate your experience and give us a feedback so that LOCO tables will become even more exciting. Now you can book your next LOCO table.

Loconauts – No LOCO tables in your city?

Is your city already a LOCO city?

In case there is no LOCO table in your city, fitting your agenda, then try playing with the filters above the LOCO tables list in the LOCO App. Maybe the perfect LOCO table is waiting for you just outside your city.


Is your city not yet a LOCO city?

In case you think that LOCO tables are exactly what is missing in your city, then convince your favorite bar/café/restaurant to join LOCO as a Host (www.locotables.com). As soon as a small number of Hosts in your city has joined LOCO, we will provide LOCO tables in your city, too!

Loconauts - Notifications

For which city do I receive notifications?

The Country/City you have entered in your profile determines which city you are notified about. You can change the Country/City in your profile at any time.


I don’t want to receive all these notifications!

In the Settings section in the LOCO App, under Notifications, you can choose which notifications you want to receive and which ones you want to mute.

Bars/Cafés/Restaurants - How to become a LOCO Host?

You can apply to become a LOCO Host as follows:

  • Go to www.locotables.com

  • Click on “Join Us”

  • Then “Host LOCO Tables”

  • Fill out the Form

Soon after we will contact you and in case of positive feedback, we will send you new guests to your bar/café/restaurant.

Bars/Cafés/Restaurants - Does LOCO only have advantages and is it really that easy to get new clients?

Yes, absolutely, there are only advantages and it is totally easy to get new clients through LOCO!


What do I need to do as a bar/café/restaurant?
Once you have become a LOCO Host, you will be notified via email, each time a booking request for a LOCO table is sent to your bar/café/restaurant. You have the choice of accepting or rejecting the table.
- In case you accept the table, you only need to put the official LOCO booking sign on the table, so that our Loconauts can easily find their table. (We will provide you with the official LOCO booking sign, which also displays the Code. The Code is extremely important for the Loconauts.)
- In case you reject the table, it will simply not be displayed in the LOCO App and you don’t need to book the table for LOCO.


Bars/Cafés/Restaurants – Do I know how many people will join the LOCO table at my Bar/Café/Restaurant?

Yes, at any moment, you can login on www.locotables.com and check how many loconauts have signed up for the table at your Bar/Café/Restaurant. Each LOCO table must be a table for 4 people. The minimum number of subscribed people at a table is 3. In the very unfortunate case where less than 3 loconauts subscribe for your table, the table is cancelled. This is communicated to you in advance via email, so that you can release the table for other clients.